9530.PL - PVC Cooler Bag

Style # 9530.PL by Unik is a practical PVC cooler bag designed to keep your refreshments cool while on the go. With a sleek black synthetic exterior, it combines functionality with a modern aesthetic, making it an ideal companion for picnics, outdoor events, and travel.

Key Features:

  • Material: Synthetic PVC material, offering durability and water resistance.
  • Color: Classic black, suitable for various outdoor settings.
  • Design: Cooler bag style with insulated compartments to keep contents cool.
  • Construction: Sturdily built for long-lasting use and to maintain temperature.
  • Brand: Unik, known for quality and innovation in outdoor gear.
  • Size: Dimensions of 14" x 8" x 8", providing ample space for beverages and snacks.
  • Origin: Made in Pakistan, leveraging local craftsmanship and quality standards in bag manufacturing.