2482.00 - Expandable Textile Travel Bag

Style # 2482.00 by Unik is an expandable textile travel bag designed for versatility and convenience. With a sleek black exterior and compact design, this bag offers flexibility in storage capacity, making it an ideal choice for travelers who need adaptable packing options.

Key Features:

  • Material: Textile material, offering durability and flexibility.
  • Color: Classic black, suitable for various travel environments.
  • Design: Expandable feature allows for adjustable storage capacity.
  • Construction: Well-crafted for durability and ease of use during travel.
  • Brand: Unik, known for quality and innovation in travel accessories.
  • Size: Dimensions of 11" x 9" x 11", compact yet expandable to accommodate varying loads.
  • Origin: Made in Pakistan, leveraging skilled craftsmanship in textile bag production.